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At Counterpoint Fitness, one thing we are passionate about providing is executive level corporate training services, designed to support your staff to be the best they can be.

This is achieved by a combination of one-to-one or small group fitness coaching, nutritional support and lifestyle coaching to ensure that the most possible benefit is reaped from the services I provide.

The Executive Coaching is an ideal benefit for a certain level of staff, whether that be upper management, key staff you have identified or indeed any other staff. 

Everything delivered is bespoke; there are no generic training or nutrition plans. Every session will be designed with the goal of helping your staff progress, and delivered in a professional, courteous manner in a high-end private studio. 


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How it works

The first thing we do is create a partnership with you, the employer. You select the key people in your organisation whose wellbeing is critical to your continued success, and they are given access to the Executive Coaching service. My company then will look after those staff and create a win-win for everyone.

Once staff have access I will meet them at their convenience and discuss their current situation, any goals they have and craft a person-centered plan tailored to them.

Progress will be reviewed regularly, and frequent updates are provided to you, the employer.

Staff will always get huge value from every session, and the goal-orientated coaching will deliver tangible results for both staff members and your company.

I recognise that your staff are operating in challenging conditions every day and that this means they have busy schedules. This is why the service is very streamlined with a responsive booking system for individual staff members to take control of their timetable.

Once staff are given access to the coaching, they use your company’s login details to book in sessions on my website booking portal. This ensures sessions are arranged on your staff’s terms. Staff can book one-to-one sessions or alternatively in groups of up to four.


How staff benefit

Based on my experience, I have absolute confidence that staff with access to the Executive Coaching services will:

·      Feel valued

·      Experience great personal growth

·      Massively improve health, fitness and work/life balance

·      Become more productive, consistent and happier

·      Make great savings on personal expenses

Additionally, training together is a fantastic social opportunity for staff, will engender a real sense of loyalty amongst staff, and great camaraderie in the workplace.


How employers benefit

The sense of loyalty and greater team spirit is only one of the benefits enjoyed by employers. Other key benefits include:

·      Staff feeling hugely valued

·      It is a cost-effective staff benefit

·      Generate good will and organisational commitment amongst staff

The Executive Coaching is extremely tax-efficient for both employer and employee.



WCG commenced with Counterpoint Fitness in June 2016. Since then, Ally has really helped me in finding the right balance between work and exercise, despite my busy schedule. I have found that regular exercise is helping boost my energy and I feel good about myself. I am very pleased with the improvements in my back, I am no longer experiencing pain as I did before. I would like to thank Ally for his work with me and for keeping me motivated. I am truly grateful for his continuous assessments on my progress. I have no hesitation in recommending Ally and hope we are able to continue working together over the coming years.
I can attest to the exceptional level of service Willis Care Group has received from Counterpoint Fitness. As a care provider, we acutely understand the impact staff wellbeing has on our ability to provide a high quality service. Through our partnership with Alastair and Counterpoint Fitness, our staff are provided professional services that significantly add to our ability to maintain a contented, supported and committed workforce.

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